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Pathology CME

Credits: 1.0 CME / MOC
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
Linking Immunotherapy to Better Outcomes in Resectable Melanoma: Guidance on Integrating Immune-Based Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Options
March 10, 2022
Stephen V. Liu, MD
Credits: 0.75 CME / MOC
PVI, PeerView Institute for Medical Education
Visual Exploration of the Possibilities for Macrocyclic TKIs in Treatment-Naive and Pretreated Fusion-Positive NSCLC and Other Tumors
February 18, 2022
Michael Heinrich, MD
Credits: 1.0 CME / MOC / NCPD / CPE
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
Optimally Sequencing Modern TKIs in GIST: Expert Perspectives From an Interprofessional Sarcoma Team
January 13, 2022
Credits: 0.5 CME / MOC / CC / NCPD / CPE
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
New Advances and Opportunities for Improvement in HR+/HER2- Early Breast Cancer: Practical Strategies for Optimal Clinical Integration of Adjuvant CDK4 and 6 Inhibitor Therapy
December 28, 2021
Credits: 1.5 CME / MOC / CC
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
Evolving Standards in Biomarker Testing, Scoring, and Results Interpretation Driven by the Broadening Role of Cancer Immunotherapy
September 29, 2021
Credits: 1.50 CME / MOC / NCPD
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
The Expanding Advanced Ovarian Cancer Treatment Palette: Candid Conversations on Bringing PARP Inhibitors Into Clinical Practice
July 06, 2021
Credits: 1.50 CME / MOC / NCPD / CPE
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
Innovative Immunotherapy in Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma: Evolving Science, Key Clinical Evidence, and Implications for Multidisciplinary Management
June 25, 2021
Dara L. Aisner, MD, PhD / Joshua Bauml, MD
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
Precision Decisions in Genomic Testing and Targeted Treatment of NSCLC
April 13, 2021
Naval Daver, MD / Joseph D. Khoury, MD, FCAP
Medical Learning Institute, Inc.
The Pathology–Oncology Partnership in AML: Identifying and Treating the Diversity of Disease Subtypes
October 15, 2020